It Just Is, is a on-going conversation about the mysteries and questions of life. It’s an awareness project about self-reflection, personal responsibility, and conscious involvement in understanding, embracing and actively creating a new reality as individuals and a collective.

Ranging in topics from the weird and the strange, to the things that make us all human, the It Just Is project is a blunt look and discussion into the nature of reality through dissection of our governments, cultures, religions, sciences, human and world histories, and an exploration into the information and secrets kept from the public. We seek the rights and answers to pursue the full understanding of our own consciousness without limitation, manipulation or suppression and create a new, and better, world.

Conformity is what’s presented as the safe and secure path.

We disagree.

We choose to not be the sheep that blindly follows along with orders under an illusion of security.

Our mission is to awaken, inspire, and enhance the perspectives of others, and empower them to consciously create a new and better world.

The experience of this reality is ours to direct. But yet we are still putting the majority of our assets, sciences, technologies, and abilities towards killing each other.

Why are we still destroying our planet? Why do we still base our lives around the acquisition and accumulation of money? Why do we allow starvation to exist for millions of people while excessive consumerism and obesity rule entire countries? Why do we create and embrace such extreme levels of separation between religious and financial agendas and goups? Why are our basic human rights up for debate and auction? Why aren’t we getting the full story and access to accurate and transparent information about our lives and freedoms?

Who, or what, is really behind the curtain of this reality?

We seek to uncover these questions and expose the Truth, as it is.

This reality can’t be described, it can’t be explained, and any attempt to do so, fails. It can only be experienced. It simply, just is, as it is.

But what we do with this platform and stage called reality is entirely up to us as humans. We are not only gifted to create a better world, we have a responsibility to do so. We are more than capable of creating a new experience for all forms of life, but until we consciously choose to have open, honest, transparent discussions and take steps towards collective action, nothing will change, and all will remain as it is.

The It Just Is project began as a podcast but is soon expanding into a collective publishing company, offering books, videos, documentaries and more.

You can find out more at itjustismedia.net.